Mekong Delta

I didn’t go fishing  !        Seen too many Mekong fish in our markets . . . not my ideal fish.  …

Mekong Delta

I didn’t go fishing  !        Seen too many Mekong fish in our markets . . . not my ideal fish.   Aagrh sw huge Carp in Klongs in Bangkok …. they are not nice fish. I was told that a 10 foot long carp was caught and when opened up, inside was found a complete human being…swallowed whole!
BUT, I did travel down the Mekong delta to a small island where I was able to see how the locals are living. As a tourist attraction the locals kept a H U G E  Python snake.

They also kept a box of bees, so also being an Apiarist I took a close look at their single hive.
Asian bees aren’t popular in Australia, because they aggressively take over the habitat and homes of our local honey bees.
The Australian Federal Government was sponsoring a program in Cairns to rid Cairns of Asian bees who had hijacked a Yacht mast and gained illegal entry to Australia … so far over 300 swarms have been tracked down, caught and exterminated. Now, in her wisdom the Fed’l Govt has ceased the funding of that eradication program …. the possibility is that our Australian Honey industry could be absolutely wiped out. SERIOUSLY.

Mekong Sunset

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  1. 21 May 2011 The Weekend Post - Cairns VOLUNTEERS will hit Cairns in June to help eradicate the Asian honey bee from the region. Described as a cane toad with wings, the Asian honey bee ruins commercial hives by spreading disease and stealing honey, starving regular European bees that are essential to pollinating about $4 billion worth of crops each year. After successful lobbying by Australian bee keepers, the Government reversed its decision and said it would fund the program $2 million over the next two years. The Australian Bee Keepers Association has also promised $500,000. Report sightings of Asian honey bees to Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 Theres still hope

    Alex / 25 May 2011 / 8:32 am