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Song Khla floating markets

I had heard lots about the floating market, so was keen to go and see. Here is a pano depicting the ‘floating market’. There also is a land based market which occupies space on both sides of this river/canal. Song Khla being most southerly Thai city has many Malaysian visitors. outside their counmtry of Malaysia…

Mekong Delta

I didn’t go fishing  !        Seen too many Mekong fish in our markets . . . not my ideal fish.   Aagrh sw huge Carp in Klongs in Bangkok …. they are not nice fish. I was told that a 10 foot long carp was caught and when opened up, inside was found a complete human…

Singapore’s Marina Bay by Night

Capturing a good panorama Photo of Marina Bay, Singapore by night was nice challenge


Photographing Singpaore by night was a new challenge for me. Fortunately, I was staying at a hotel which offered excellent panorama views of Marina Bay

New Landscape for January 2011

I have a series of panorama pictures like this high quality image from various parts of Western Australia, Europe, the Greek Islands,  and Egypt. For more information please email me and I can direct you to a larger range of my work

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